Equinox has passed. Which means Autumn has started. A season in which I can focus more again on selling books, writing books, advertising on social media, etcetera. Because I work at camping Domein Groot Besselink in the summer season, I have less time to make content for social media in summer. Although writing itself always continues. Now Autumn has come and the weather is surely changing, it is good to work at my desk and write books, daily inspirations, or social media content.

I honestly look forward to the last period of this year. It feels good and nice to focus more upon the work I truly love. But, first I will make a trip to Iceland to visit the north of our planet. And to be inspired by this environment and energy. Really looking forward to it!

Simply said, Autumn is a season of activities that come from within. Autumn will be a season in which we work and meet in a different setting to produce books and to inspire others. A Season to contemplate our goals and to find ways to accomplish them. And to realise that we maybe can change ideas or our behaviour or perception. So we meet Life in a new way.

I will give of myself in Autumn, to receive what Autumn gives to me. Let's all receive the Light of Autumn and all of her Beauty! I wish you a good season.

May I tell you a secret? I discovered today that I have lived my entire life (allmost 43 years now) with the idea that I know better. And that this is litterally found in everything I meet or do! But most shocking to me was to realise that because of that, I am not taking part of the whole. When I think I know better, I exclude myself by creating inequality.

Which means I cannot experience I am part of Nature for example. I cannot experience that I am one with the Berkel river I swim in everyday. And this is a pity. We all long for oneness and wholeness, I am sure. By thinking we know better, we will never come to this experience or reality. And we will certainly never create the oneness or wholeness we long for.

I did not know the consequence of this hidden idea in my mind, my system. I was not conscious of this feeling and thought in my entire body even. Let alone the consequences of this. But the consequences are visible in the world. Chaos, war, drought, hunger, pandemic, etc. I think I know better and I create a world that is not connected with me because of that.

Does anyone recognize this? Do we all carry this secret? Which is not a secret anymore, because I see clearly now. And I experience the beginning of a whole new life. The Life of Aquarius wishes to be created. By me, by you, by us. I wish to form it. NEW and Fresh. Without knowing what this actually entails. Do you join me?

While we have all been enjoying Summer and its activities, Life continues and we continue our lives. It is the season of holidays, of making trips and meeting people. Maybe even of making friends for life. While summer continues, the chaos in the world continues as well. Even though we may enjoy free days or time with family, nothing really changes in life. Would you use the summer season to make a change in life? To learn how to do this or how this is possible? It would certainly be a chance and a change to see Summer as an opportunity to make changes. Small and big.

Most people have holiday in summer and take time off to see the world or just to experience life without stress or work. That is the idea at least. When summer is over or when holiday is over, the same pattern as before starts again. The same rhythm, the same habits and the same routines. To come to the point of the next period of having some days off and feeling the need to relax, to release some stress and pressure from all daily activities and obligations. Is this the way we wish to live our lives? Or do we wish to make a change while we are working, planning, caring and having our daily activities.

I choose to find a way of learning in my daily activities and routines. To combine learning and living as a natural motion in life. Besides working and taking care of children and household, I meet my teacher everyday. We talk, discover and are honest about our experiences in life to find the deeper meaning and to come to the point of our Creativity. A point that can make changes and in which the inner wish can be heard and practiced. I strive every day again to live from this point, to live from the inner wish. Not just for myself, but for life in general.

Summer is a busy season for me and my teacher, for me and Mhura, the founders of this website and company. Because we run a camping, summer is our most busy season. Which is why it has been silent for a period. Nevertheless, even though the campsite asks our attention, we meet on daily basis to talk about life and the things we come across in our daily activities. Whether this is in private life or work based. Every day we have a foundation in which we learn and grow, because we have a drive to expand life and consciousness. Our choices have made this possible, a life in which learning and teaching is a daily activity. On free days and work days. While busy and while relaxing. Learning and teaching continues when life continues. In every season.

Enjoy your summer!

We have lived these last days in the influence of the Gift of Pentecost and on Sunday we celebrated the Power of Pentecost. For years I have been wondering what Pentecost truly is. What does it mean to feel a spirit? Or to be inspired? The Bible tells about the disciples of Jesus and how they felt Enlightened by the Presence of him or of a spirit.

These last days I have learned about Pentecost because we talked about it and wondered. Focusing my attention on this subject and doing this together with others, has given more insight and has given new experiences. What mostly touches me is the fact that Pentecost is a feast for men. Men are inspired in Power of Pentecost in their ability to give Direction. The Light of Pentecost inspires to Direct Light in the destiny of the Age we live in. This means that Pentecost inspires to direct Light within the Aquarian principles. When this is done, Aquarian form can be created by women. This is a process that is not (yet) clear to me, but I do hope to learn this someday.

Pentecost is a feast that started with Jesus. After his Resurrection and Ascension he was the creator of the Celebration of Pentecost. He showed that there is ONE Way for all to live and to follow. This ONE Way is enlightened by the Sun and Moon, by the truth of our earthly life. Our earthly life is destined because we live with a wish in our being. To enlighten this wish is the Purpose of Pentecost. To enlighten the Spirit within ourselves, is the Purpose of Pentecost. To enlighten the wish to direct that lives in men, is the Purpose of Pentecost. Which means Jesus created Pentecost to enlighten the wish to direct in his disciples who were male.

I can only guess why he did that. But I think he did this to encourage his disciples to live The Way that he showed them. A Way of destiny and a Way for All. In the Power of Pentecost we all recieve inspiration and empowerment. Whether we use it, is up to our will.

I realise as a woman that Pentecost is a Gift to all, even though I see that it is an enlightenment of the Directive Power in men. When men can direct Light in the allness of Life, I as woman can form this Light into Life that is for all and of all. Life that is Destined to be ONE.

Our company is a Dutch company. We both are born in The Netherlands, raised in The Netherlands and we live happily in The Netherlands. Our team is Dutch as well. Why did we choose for an English website? And why are the books we publish in English?

Since I started writing, I write in the English language. I started writing in cooperation with Mhura. It is our wish and longing to reach the entire world. Our dream of the Aquarian Society, of Life in the Aquarian Principles and Humanity Expressing the Aquarian Promise, can be best spread when we use a language that is felt and understood by many on our planet. Our goal to touch humanity with words and their vibration, is best served when using English.

Wouldn't it be wonderful when we can express ONE World as humanity? When we would be able to understand each other and support each other? Despite culture differences or borders of all the nations. A dream of ONE World can be reality when we choose one language in which we can communicate, in which we can meet equally and truthfully. In our opinion the English language is a language at this moment that enables us as humanity to meet, to get to know each other. We believe in a world that can function as ONE. And therefore we believe in one language that can serve all.

Our choice to make a webiste in English, even though our English isn't perfect at all, is a choice to follow our dream. And to serve Life, Humanity and the World with giving our voice in a language that many will understand and hear. It is our wish to touch people all over the world with our message, teachings and our dream.

The world is in turmoil. So much going on that asks our attention. War, conflicts, climate change, etc. What can we do to give to Life? To change the world for the better.

The key is Motion. With all chaos going on, it is important to keep moving. Like a river brings us to our destination, our 'own' motion will bring us to ours. To the destiny of Humanity.

The entire Cosmos is Motion. It realises Expansion of this Cosmos. When we learn to move from our inner wishes, our inner desires, we can realise expansion. In our consciousness, in our way of thinking and believing and in our body. Motion of Cosmos gives us the perfect example and impulse to realise Motion within ourselves. And to act within this motion according to our true wish and faith.

The River Berkel streams alongside our company's place. It is a beauty and a reminder. It reminds us everyday of the Motion of Life, given in the Cosmic Motion of our planet around Sun. The river is a gift in reflecting the light of Sun so we are able to live in the Light and to awaken in our wish of inner. The motion within the river is an active stream that brings us further. When we are able to activate the stream of Will in us, the power of our human choices, we are able to bring motion in life and therefore to continue the path. In chaos, war or other catastrophes and changes.

To keep moving is the act of our Will. The act to choose. We need to choose our actions, our destiny and our way of living. Every moment in life is an opportunity to bring motion, the motion of life itself given in the rotating power of cosmos. Move with this Power and make a change in life.

The month May has started. We choose to focus upon Truth and Wholeness or Healing this month. Which means we wish to elaborate on the concept of Truth to discover what Truth is. In the Aquairan Age Truth is the base for our lives and for our creativity. Creating from the base of Truth and realising that our base is IN Truth, manifests Wholeness as creation. When we are Aware and Conscious of the fact that we are rooted in Truth, that we Act and Create while anchored in Truth, we will realise that we are one with All. That we are Whole.

When Truth is the base for Life, all is in Truth embedded. This simple fact makes Whole and this simple fact IS Healing.

In May we will see more and more blossoming power in Nature. We will be witnesses of the blooming of flowers and of the intense green of the grass and leaves. We will experience the warmth of the sun that touches us more and more. May is a month to Awaken, as you see Nature Awaken. This year we may Awaken in Truth in the month May. We may get to know Truth and find the base of our lives. Because Aquarius isn't a far away future. Or a concept, dream or idea. Aquarius is Active today, Aquarius is present right now. Which means we can change our way of acting and thinking and believing. We can, because we are given this direction and motion by the Truth of Cosmos.

We are part of Cosmos. We live in Cosmos. Therefore we live in the right and in the power of Aquarius. And we can give to Aquarius, to the Constellation. We may find Truth of the reality that Aquarius is here and that it is up to us to change ourselves and welcome this Age and its Truthful principles.

The weather starts to change and it is clear that spring is here. Our company is situated at a beautiful campingsite, which means we see the change in weather and in scenery. Trees start to blossom and the hedges start to grow little by little. Besides our work of publishing books we also work at the camping. When te season changes from winter to spring, we prepare the campingsite to open its doors again. This work requires a different focus and starts another movement in the body and mind. But still, we focus on our inner and choose to live our dream and inner wishes.

Because spring is here our focus is more easily drawn outwards. The motion of nature to blossom invites us to show ourselves and asks of us to be seen in the light of sun. Our goal this spring season and this campingsite season is to remain the inner drive to have our attention on the light. Which means we can work, but have our attention on the light within. Because the tasks at the campingsite are so different from our work in expansion of consciousness, we need a focus to continue this expansion. And meeting people and the change of settings and motions gives us a good playground to exercise this.

Spring is the season that shows that we live IN the light of sun. She shows us that sunlight makes life. It is wonderful to see nature blossom and it is as wonderful to start a new season at the camping. While writing and publishing, meditating and being focused on the balance of mind and heart. We look forward to a new season at the campingsite in which we express and exercise our spiritual focus. The campingsite is part of The Aquarian Circle, a cooperation of websites and companies with a focus on the Aquarian Age.

We look forward to the blossom of ourselves in spring and to the blossom of our qualities and of our company! We welcome you to visit us and to enjoy the beautiful and calming scenery where we live and work.

Today is the Equinox that marks the start of Spring. It is a celebration of the Light that comes back after a dark winter period. This day we may use to focus within ourselves and to ask ourselves the question: 'What do we wish in Spring? What is our wish within the Light?' Winter is a period to go within, to withdraw from certain activities. It is the season to ponder, to meditate. When Spring comes we have the opportunity to realise our thoughts and contemplations into actions.

When we celebrate equinox we realise that equality is fact in the Light of Sun. Everyday Sun is a gift to us, a gift of Light and Life. Sun shines for everyone and gives of its Light equally. In the Age of Aquarius, the Age we live in today, sunlight is the direction for life, for our human life. We choose how to use the Light of Day, how to live our lives. We choose, we wish. We create Spring.

So the question remains: 'What do we wish in Spring?' Will we receive the Direction in sunlight to create an Aquarian society? We can create in Equality, in Freedom. We can create Worthy and Righteous.

Today we may Honour the Light to mark the start of Spring. Which marks the start of NEW Life, of Rebirth. We are able to create a NEW Day in the Gift of Sun and in the Power of Equality that is in the Light given.

I welcome Spring and I welcome the Light that I wish to Honour. I look forward to new opportunities that will be present in Spring, new inspiration and insights. I will certainly share them here in another blog!

A new month has started. This month we like to focus our attention on Gratitude. Being Grateful for what we have in Life, although we do not realise what we truly have, is important. If we can give our Actions from Gratitude, the world would be a different place. As a step towards peace, Gratitude may have our attention.

In Europe we are Free, we can speak our mind. We do not realise the Freedom we have or the peace that has been for so many years. We are not Grateful for the life we can live. Mostly, we take things for granted. We have healthcare, education, organised cities and villages, clean water to drink. So many things we should be Grateful for. When we would Act in daily life from Gratitude, we would meet each other and life itself in a new manner. We would look at life in a new way.

Can we realise making choices from Gratitude? Can we grow in awareness over the fact that our life is good because we are free to express ourselves? And then, can we be Grateful for this?

We will focus our attention on Gratitude and we use the entire month March to learn in this. To grow in awareness and become conscious in being Grateful.

I am Grateful for a team that does not only work, but also takes time to ponder and learn. We take time to use a month to learn about a specific detail or quality. This makes our team open, equal and free. And our work benefits from this. Our work becomes a joy. Everyday becomes meaningful.

The Sun rises in a NEW month, in March. A month to celebrate our Gratitude towards Life, Light and MORE.

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